Our mission is to provide the best CBD Hemp Flower online. Flower that looks, smells and tastes amazing while packing a hefty serving of CBD. We want to be one of the best places to buy CBD online and that starts with you. We aim to surprise and delight our customers with each order and know that businesses thrive on repeat customers. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates on the site, discounts and any Hemp news we might find relevant. 

We grew four awesome strains this year and each one has a unique look, taste and effect. Our "Elektra" at 19.7% CBDa is currently one of the highest CBD strains sold online. Not far behind is our "Suver Haze" coming in at an awesome 19.4% CBDa. At 18.1% CBDa, "Lifter" is still much higher than most competitors on the market. "Hawaiian Haze" is our most mellow strain, but still comes in at an impressive 15.3% CBDa. Try a few grams of each and we're sure you will be back for your favorite strain. 

All strains mentioned were grown on our family farm of over 40 years. All genetics are provided by the reputed Oregon CBD. We are officially licensed by the ODA and also have our Hemp handlers license. This means we can extract, create and sell products to the public. We're very excited to start by selling High CBD Hemp Flower and aim to move into CBD oils, tinctures and other Full Spectrum Hemp products. 

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